Rise and Shine!

healthy lifestyle healthy lifestyle change mental health mental health awareness spirital health spiritual awakening Nov 04, 2021
No organization, environment, home, or family filled with miserable people will ever reach its maximum potential.
If you follow me, are a student of mine, or are in my community you know this because people who KNOW this leave the coo coo's nest and choose to soar higher!
But sometimes in life when people have a big goal or a dream and things are not happening fast enough, they quit and continue to feel hopeless.
They choose to think that their current life situation will never get better, and they quit right before the absolute best part.
When things are not going their way, they walk away, toss in the towel, get angry, bitter, blame someone else, have a little temper tantrum, and quit on something they knew to be right in their own heart and soul.
In return, all they are left with is negativity, anger, hate, rage, vitriol, mental health problems, frustration, and disappointment.
And sadly that is their OWN damn fault.✨
We’ve learned this recently with news here in Canada.
They are now not be making COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for health care workers.
I am curious to know what’s next?
Children’s extracurricular activities?
✨Just think of all those people who quit their jobs and spent countless hours under intense amounts of stress. Worried and fearful about how they are going to provide for their families.
✨Just think about all of those insecure grown adults who went against themselves, and do something just to make an employer "happy", or so co-workers wouldn’t gossip about them behind their backs in the lunchroom.
✨Just think of all those business owners who chose money and conformity over supporting those who actually worked their tails off to make their business successful, and are now stuck working with miserable duds.
✨Just think of all the negative energy, hate, judgement, vitriol, and judgement that was spread from people who couldn’t respect and accept everyone as one and the same, and brought that garbage home to their families.
✨Just think of all the loved ones who died alone and were left isolated without their families around.
✨Just think of all those loved ones who couldn’t go to a funeral to say goodbye because they weren’t “allowed in”.
✨Just think about all those individuals who now feel, used, abused, unheard, rejected, overworked, underpaid and are still staying in an environment who continues to use them to serve their own purpose.
✨Just think about all the precious time people wasted away from their own families to build someone else’s dream.
✨Just think about the countless hours wasted reading news articles, getting caught up in politics, and listening to the Government who’s only interest is keeping people sick.
....For you do know that health care systems and drug companies don’t make money off of healthy people right?
I think William Shakespeare said it best….
✨“It’s a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.✨
Just think of all the time, money, sleep, and energy wasted on something that now doesn’t even matter.
Doctors, nurses, government officials, employees, teachers, restaurants, business owners limited in what they can achieve, how much income they can bring home, and how much they can and cannot work.
Doctors, nurses, government officials, teachers, employees, restaurants, and business owners who all sat there like a victim, following the demands and rules from "idiots" who clearly have no clue what they are doing, and are simple unconscious individuals just going to jobs themselves, instead of listening to themselves first.
Just simple, basic, mediocre individuals....
Just following orders, directions, policies and procedures from a "workers manual" or reading someone else’s words from a teleprompter for the same pathetic capped salary, and limited vacation time with their families.
There must be something inside of you that says...
There’s a better way to life than conformity, slavery, suffocating in a box, and being told what to do with your life right?
Of course there is.
All humans have it.
A deep desire to know that their life means something.
A deep desire to know their own life's purpose and to fulfill that calling.
If you don’t figure it out, then you will simply be one of the billions of lost souls out there struggling to get ahead in life.
Working harder than ever before, but oddly enough sliding backwards.
Just giving their life away to something or someone that won’t even matter at the end.
So this month my Rise and Shine Challenge is the perfect escape plan for you, and the perfect place to start.
Let me teach you HOW to have a life of your own dreams and help you get there faster.
In theory, waking up early is easy.
But it’s knowing what you must do, what you must work on, and how you must begin to think, that separates you from the rest of the herd.
If you sign up before midnight tonight you’ll also receive my $497 Life on Purpose Business Program for free.
You can’t do this work alone.
You can’t wait to get started.
Your life, your health, your family’s life, your future, literally depends on it.
So wake up and let’s get to work.
When you’re living your life on purpose you won’t be tired, nor will you be hitting snooze, for you will be excited to get to your life.
If you feel that you were made for more, want to reach that next level, and are ready to find out what you are truly made of, sign up now and I will teach you the rest.
All you need to do is commit!
See you inside.
🌎 Open to all. World wide.
PS. Share with your loved ones. The world desperately needs more people who are waking up happy, healthy and feeling fully ALIVE✨
There is nothing you cannot do.
People who say they "can't", what they are really saying is they are not willing to do the long term work or training necessary for them to change their life.
That is why I offer a 100% guarantee or full refund on all my programs because I know it works. If and only if you do the work and don't quit on yourself.

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