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mindset weight loss Dec 26, 2019

I’ve got a secret to share with you this morning.

I guess you could say my priorities are different. During my workout this morning I thought about the time I woke up at the crack of stupid to go to Future Shop with my lawn chair so I could get $400 off a TV.

I thought about all those boxing days where I’d get up while it was still dark out, hit up the drive thru for my usually Large Double Double, Bagel with cream cheese AND butter, then go hit the malls.. looking for a good deal.

It made me sad that I would get up for a good deal, but yet I couldn’t commit to getting up for myself. I’m so proud that I changed that.

Wanna know the secret 🤫 to real life transformation and sustained long term success? How I’ve managed to keep my over 80 pounds off for nearly 2 decades now. How I still add myself to the top of the To-Do list every day?

You must look at your health and your life differently. Sorta like a return of investment.

If you’re dieting and exercising to GET something you’re going to lose. Most will go into January trying a new diet, blowing money on pills, and weight loss programs, go scoop up a treadmill for 60% off for it only to sit there unused 2 months later.

You MUST change your mindset. You must look at your life as you GIVE to GIVE. Not GIVE to GET…

Your time investment. Your money investment. What are you GIVING instead of what are you GETTING?

It’s a simple mindset hack. You’re GIVING yourself TIME so you can be healthy, happy, energized, fit, focused, patient, kind, caring, confident, loving and strong..

So on this Boxing Day, ask yourself, what is your return of investment going to be?

Are you spending MONEY you don’t have to buy more stuff??? Or will you choose to spend money you don’t have so you can have MORE HEALTH and TIME with your loved ones.

Chances are you’re like the old me, you’re going to be spending MONEY and TIME on something today….. So invest wisely kids. One will give you MORE bang for your buck.

Have the most beautiful day.

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