Find a WHY. Find a Way.

Jul 04, 2020

Feeling so overwhelmed and so grateful from all of the love, comments, and congratulations that have been sent my way.

My eyes were puffy from all the good tears yesterday, and I felt beyond grateful as my head hit the pillow.

Writing a book intended to change as many lives as possible, is no easy feat.

When you wanna change your life, make a difference, reach a goal, you WILL be met with resistance, and it WILL take 5 times longer with kids 😆.

You will wanna quit, but in the end, you will dig deep to find that bigger WHY power...

And JUST when you’re about to reach that goal... something else will be thrown in the mix to throw you off course, when you understand this, you keep going!!

The WHY power that will get you out of bed at 4am, wake up in the middle of the night, and put in those long days of work, even when you’re tired.

My WHY for finishing what I started?

👉I didn’t want these girls to ever have to read that book.

But I know that ONE day, they will lose their way. They will fail, they will be judged, they will feel not good enough, and it’s their job to do the hard work to find their way back home.

To love.....💗

Looking back, the most dysfunctional relationship I ever had was the one with myself.

When you fix you. Heal you. Your entire world changes.💓

My hope... is that as many women WAKE UP and realize that it was all their fault, and they can choose.

💫You were MORE than enough, you had more than enough..... but all you saw was lack.

All you focused on was the fear, the worry, and what you didn’t have, or how you didn’t stack up against others.

It was in fact all of your fault, but you HAD TO to go through it all in order to grow, shift and change your ways.

Eventually we all end up there, and if you’re lucky the old version of you will die when you’ve still got a lot of life left to live!

You had to go through it all so you could BECOME your best self, and continue on that path towards your own greatness.

Every failure. Every detour. Every setback.
It all mattered.

While the really bad stuff might not have been your fault, chances are you attracted MORE what you didn’t want to come true in your life simply by your own ways of thinking negatively and always fearing the worst, or residing in a physical space of negativity and not good enough.

💫Never fear what could go wrong.

💫Never focus on what you don’t have.

💫Never stress and worry about the future.

💫Never regret the past.

Only fear what your life will continue to look like if you don’t trust in believe that there is a better way to living life.

Only fear what would continue to happen if you don’t wake up and lead with your heart instead of always being stuck in your own head.

Only fear what your future (and your kids future) will look like if you don’t make a change, and you don’t heal what’s broken within and change your mind.

Put your hand on your heart, and say it 3 times.

Thank you, I love you.
Thank you, I love you.
Thank you, I love you.

For when you fill yourself up first with with so much gratitude and love for all things in life that you were given… the good, and even the really bad, you can’t help but wake up and live your life.

Knowing that all things were unfolding perfectly.

Perfect in every way.

Just like you are too, but chances are if you’re still stuck, you don’t believe it yet.

Either, you can believe me now, or you can believe me later...

Or alternatively grab yourself a copy and read it for yourself.

I'll put some details down below in the comments section 😘

🕊Remember...It’s never too late for that happy ending, but in order to get that happy ending, you gotta get up and go get it. Ain’t nobody going to save your ass. That’s your job... and yes, you’ve got all the STRENGTH within you already 🕊

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