My Morning Practice

meditation miracle morning spiritual health Oct 10, 2020
How I set myself up to win, and what I’ve been doing for years now.
How has a 5 am morning practice changed my life?
Well I can tell you that it’s not only changed my outside but most importantly it changed the inside.
Here’s what I do. Every damn day. Even on the weekend.
1. Alarm goes off. I get up. I always get minimum 7 hours sleep.
2. I go pee, I get dressed, I grab my clothes for the day, and head down to my kitchen.
3. I grab a piece of fruit, usually an orange, and maybe some cashew butter on a spoon, mix up my pre-workout and head down to my studio.  
4. I write out I AM affirmations while I sit in my sauna. Years ago when I was struggling with life, and pretending to be “good”, I was reciting, “I am tired, I am broke, I am busy”.... that kinda language does not look sexy on any grown woman.
5. I set an Intention for the day, which is always grounded in love, service and offer up my agenda to spirit.
6. I write out what I am grateful for. I pray. I give thanks and speak my voice.
7. I sit in meditation for at least 15 minutes... Usually I wrap up after 30 minutes. I visualize my future and FEEL what it would feel like to wake up in an ocean front home, and everything else I’ve ever wanted for myself and my family.
8. I journal what comes out of me, and that usually becomes a book. (New one coming January 2021)
9. I write ACTION items that I need to do. I DO them. I don’t go to bed unless I’ve made BOLD moves to make my dreams become a reality. It’s not sexy... in fact all the behind the scenes stuff to be successful is not fun, glamours or sexy, but ACTION moves the needle forward.
10.  I move my body for about 20-30 minutes. 5 good solid workouts a week. Stretching, Dancing and Yoga in between. I usually listen to country on my EarPods. 
11.  I shower... and I finish it with an ice cold shower , get dressed and while I’m getting ready I listed to a motivational video.. Lately it’s been all Steven Furtick. The man speaks to my soul.... and I head upstairs after all is said and done to be a wife; and MOM (my most important role), and the kids are jus waking up.
As a leader of the family. THIS mothership cannot sink. I did that once, and trust me. It wasn’t fun.
I was NEVER after a better body, I was simply after a better quality of life.... and so I had to understand that if I wanted that, no one was coming to make my life better.
So I decided to do something about that.
Tell me. Do you have a morning practice? Would you love to start?
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