Are you giving yourself credit??

Jun 05, 2019

In grade 3, I won a writing award. In grade 5, I was chosen for my speech on addiction, and today I still write. I still speak.  

I cried today, as a massive AHA moment during my upper body workout today. Working out is great therapy some days

👉 I NEVER loved myself through any of it.

A couple of days ago I was going through an old chest, and I found my journals. I’ve always had a thing for pretty journals and writing.

In them I discovered how truly bad I was treated. How much I had truly been through in my life. How much trauma, failure, heartbreak, disappointment, challenges, I had faced in my life.

I kept all that heartache hidden... stuffed away choosing to suffer in silence, until I started using my wounds as wisdom to help women.

As I read through them, I read words of hate.. anger.. broken trust.. disappointment.. fear.. uncertainty… faith…

I cried and cried. I can see clearly now why I built walls, and had a hardened heart space💔

I realized today was that I NEVER actually loved myself through ANY of that trauma.

I never gave myself any damn credit. I never gave myself any sort of compassion, empathy, respect, love, kindness or grace.

What I gave myself??? HATE. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I served up anger, judgement, bitterness, resentment, blame, justification, victimhood. 💔... and in return, I got EXACTLY what I gave.

When my clients come to me for help with their health, I’m so excited for them. Sure I can help them with healthy eating, and fitness, what you wanna know what I think the world is REALLY AFTER??

Not abs. Not a bikini body. Not more money.

WHOLENESS! ❤️And that comes from LOVE... hence why diets don’t work. Pills have NO skills, so you gotta dig DEEP to truly heal what’s broken and unhealthy WITHIN!!!!

Can you hear that small voice inside of you telling yourself that there really is MORE TO LIFE than the one you are CHOOSING right now?

Have you taken a moment to sit in quiet, to actually acknowledge all you’ve been through?

The moment REAL HEALTH 👌starts to happen is when you hold yourself accountable and RESPONSIBLE for your OWN LIFE, and you EMPTY YOURSELF from the SUFFERING you are choosing to hold on to.

Turn your pain into POWER friends. 🔥You are strong. You are ENOUGH. You can do hard things. You were giving GIFTS of struggle to grow you into the woman you are truly capable of becoming.

Abs are cool and all, but have you tried healing yourself from the INSIDE out?

Maybe try that and if you need some help, I've got you covered!😘


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