Inspired Action

motivation self love Aug 13, 2020

Things are not as they appear, and fear is an illusion of the mind, which means you are in control of your thoughts and actions. Isn’t that refreshing to know you can be your own hero?


There are a lot of people who will wake up today and choose not to believe.  They will hear those whispers of greatness within, yet they will continue to go in the opposite direction.

They will hear and receive inspired ideas and then choose not to take inspired action but rather sit there and complain, mope, whine and wonder why their life sucks.  They will lose themselves to distraction and mediocrity.

But not you. Not ever.

Hear those whispers and those inspired ideas for what comes in, must go out.  So why when a new idea or inspired action move comes into your space would you ever want to keep it bottled up inside?

Eventually if you do, you’ll die a little more each day from living an uninspired life.

Will those ideas make your life worse by taking action?  Will it make your life worse if you choose to believe in your own greatness?  Will it make your life worse by trying something new, letting go of something, or changing directions?

Did it ever occur to you that those inspired ideas or action steps you receive could change your life? Could save your life?  Don’t let fear, self-doubt, excuses, and insecurity stop you from living an authentic life.

You will always have that little voice inside that is keeping you small, and safe, but that voice will always keep you small, and will always keep you locked inside a little box of comfort and conformity.

You deserve to wake up feeling fully alive and inspired and full of life!

Do me a favour today and start believing in your own goddamn self for once in your life, and take the necessary action steps to make it so!

It’s much easier than waking up, pretending to be “good”.  “Good” and “fine” are not life goals, but deep down you probably already know that.

Listen, I don’t know what you’ve must do, or what inspired action moves you’ve received lately, but whatever they that are. Do it!


Leap, trust, move forward, learn, change, grow, and live happily ever after. 

It’s so scary changing your life, and it’s hard, but not nearly as hard and scary as living a life you don’t actually love.

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