An Epic Life

Jul 10, 2020

Your life is going to be EPIC!.. and you are not going to waste one more hot 🔥 minute of your life thinking otherwise!

Do not fear, or worry for everything happened for a reason and it will all make sense when you’ve crossed over from the dark and see it on the flip side.

But maybe you’re still stuck in the dark, and that’s okay. Might be YEARS stuck there, but you’re gonna choose to love it anyways!

Maybe you’re still looking at all of the mistakes, challenges, road blocks, setbacks in life as EXPENSES rather than investments.

Maybe you’re still hanging on to something, storing all of the negative energy up inside and you need to let it go.

💫Something new was birthed from those setbacks.

💫Something amazing came out of that failure.

💫Something incredible surfaced after that conflict.

Perhaps it was a new sense of belief or greater meaning about life. Perhaps it got you to trust and believe in yourself a little more.

Perhaps it gave you the strength and grit to keep going when no one else thought you’d succeed.

Perhaps you learned the truth about something and discovered your own sense of self worth and value.

So PLEASE know there are NO regrets, mistakes, failures in life. Only lessons.

Don’t take it personal. It’s not about you. It’s about the world around you. It’s not about what YOU want, it’s about what that still voice from WITHIN wants.

Listen, Trust, Be Bold, Have Courage, Take ACTION.

Whatever you choose, don’t sit there and complain about your life if you’re not doing the work to change it.

That little whisper from within won’t LIE.

That little whisper from within is leading the way and the only reason you continue to be LOST in life is you’re choosing not to follow the directions and go the opposite route.

You’ll always be lost that way until one fine day you keep going down the wrong path, and reach a dead end.

Then you will turn back around, and go the way you should have gone the entire time, and then discover how freaking easy life could have been this entire time.

Trust me when I say, you know what you should be doing.. but you’re just not doing it.

Isn’t it crazy how loving, trusting, and believing in our own greatness is the HARDEST work you’ll ever have to do in your entire life?

Keep working! Eventually you get there if you don’t quit on yourself and throw in the towel when life gets hard!

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