That will be the greatest investment of your entire life.

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Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are "too much", or not enough. Most importantly don’t ever let that person be yourself.
Choose to keep moving forward. Choose to trust and believe in yourself like you’re worth it, because deep down that is the God’s honest truth.
✨2002 I quit my first official corporate job after I graduated from college. I didn’t have a “Plan B”. I was slowly dying inside every day because I was bored stiff, was paid peanuts and hated being “supervised” and micromanaged. I out grew that in pre-school.
✨2003 my manager told me I should have gone to university if I wanted to make more money after I asked why a coworker in a lower pay grade, doing way less work, was making more money than I was.
Truth is, I thought I wanted to be a nurse growing up, but most of all I wanted to be a mom, live a simple life, and be debt free. I chose a different route.
I thought I did everything the "right way". Which I ultimately in the very end, it was the right way.
✨2007 my home was broken into. All of my most valuable pieces of jewelry and the money I saved up for my wedding was stolen 4 months before the wedding.
✨2008 I was six months pregnant and woke up in the middle of the night and no one was beside me. Thousands of dollars was missing from my joint line of credit. My husband at time was nowhere to be found. Months later I discovered there was over $40,000 in hidden credit card debt that was used for gambling and drugs.
I refinanced my home to cover it up, and spent the last few months of my pregnancy in marriage counselling. 4 months later it happened again. More debt. I spent my maternity leave filling out forms, sitting with lawyers, waiting in line ups, and going to counselling.
Despite best efforts to try to make things work, I knew, and I walked away from my marriage, and the home I work so hard for and left with two garbage bags and half of nothing.
✨2009 I got a call from the daycare subsidy office saying I didn’t qualify for government assistance because I made “too much” in my corporate role.
I laughed and asked her if I should quit my high paying job, give up my pension, and benefits and go work in fast food instead. By some divine intervention I was able to get the subsidy and I was able to work full-time, have my child in daycare, and pay the bills.
✨2010 I hired a lawyer. He took my money, disappeared, and was not able to close the new home that I saved every last penny for.
That same year all child support payments stopped because my ex-spouse and best friend died of Cancer. He was 35.
I put the tombstone on my credit card, and I was given an angel who donated $10,000 anonymously to pay for the funeral because I couldn’t afford to pay for one on my own.
I took my second stress leave from my corporate role. I was now carrying 2 homes and paying all the bills until the estate closed and the house sold.
I was left with no income or monthly support to raise a child for the next 18 years. We never did get around to getting that life insurance policy.
✨2011 I got taken to court by someone who qualified for “free legal aid”. Again I "made too much", and I had to pay thousands and thousands of dollars out of pocket for a lawyer. They were nowhere to be found the last day of court. Thank God.
✨2013 I was told by a manager that I made "too much" money and my salary was on freeze for two years until the others "caught up", and the grid moved.
✨2015 I stood up for myself for the very first time. I spoke the truth and was fired from my job that same day. Someone was sitting in my desk a few hours later. It was less than six weeks after returning back from maternity leave. I had no option to collect unemployment.
That same day I listened and trusted that small voice from within, I decided to go all in on myself and never returned to another job.
✨2017 my third child was born, and my husband left his job too.
✨2019 I hit another all time low, as I continued to chase after money, recognition and titles. The stress, trauma, packed schedules, striving, and always fighting to get ahead, finally caught up to me.
(I can hear God laughing right now)...
My body was shutting down and panic attacks start to happen out of the blue. I went back on anxiety medication one more time, and I spent most of my time in bed doing the bare minimum to get by.
That same year I got reassessed tax notices. I owed more than $30,000. Nowhere in the letter did they ask about my health or how my family was doing. They wanted their money.
During my 3 years of healing and recovery, my income dropped. At one point in time I was making $4500-$5000 per week to upwards of $28,000 a week. It went down to a tiny fraction of that.
✨2020 a worldwide pandemic and recession hit and I was called to a higher level. I was publishing a new book, was now home with 3 kids, home schooling, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and near the end I was caring for her in my home full-time.
I also left my networking business during what could have been the busiest and most lucrative times in all of history.
I decided to start over from ground zero one more time, except this time, solid as a rock. Happy, healthy, whole, drug free and high on life and PURPOSE.
And here I sit today, not sharing this from a space of boasting, victimhood, old wounds, or because I need sympathy, or for anyone to feel sorry for me.
I share this coming from a wholesome space of wisdom, truth, strength, faith, confidence, and conviction in my heart and soul knowing that the pathway to success sometimes cannot be learned from textbooks ✨
I share this all only to be a beacon of light, hope and inspiration for someone who needs to know that it’s never ever too late for a happy ending.
All those years I always looked outside of myself.
I tried the banks, the government, a husband, a co-signer, and refinancing.
I tried a boss, a lawyer, a doctor, a naturopath.
I tried a hot yoga studio, a therapist, a psychologist.
I tried a plastic surgeon.
I tried working harder, staying up later, and doing more.
I tried drugs.
I tried healing crystals, full-moon ceremonies, essential oils and pretty little rocks.
I tried support groups.
I tried going to church every Sunday.
None of it worked.
In fact, nothing outside of myself ever worked.
It will never work because it’s not designed to when you’re placing your health, wellness and survival in someone else’s hands.
The only person I didn’t try was myself, and handing it all over to a higher power.
Looking back, what I realized was that together with that higher part of myself, and that tiny whisper from within, we never once lost a battle together.
All paths lead to where you are sitting right now, and you’ve literally got everything you need already locked up inside of you.
The best advice I can give you is that when you’re going down, things are dark and scary, and you’re getting slammed by life, always continue to trust and invest in yourself first, until your own cup still runs over.
That will be the greatest investment and return of your entire life.
You see, you’ll never be free, or unlock the real treasure you’re sitting on unless you sit in your own darkness, and analyze WHY you keep going around in circles, why you keep attracting the same kinds of people, and why despite working harder than ever before you’re still getting no further ahead in life.
Sometimes running yourself right into the ground is what you need to find out what you’re really made of.
Trust me, when you know that, you’ll never ever discount or reject yourself ever again.
Nor will you waste your precious time, energy, and life continuing to hang around others who are choosing to settle for less and trying their hardest to bring you down to their level too.
You will have learned your life lessons, healed yourself, and done the work to love yourself so much so that you will never make the same mistakes or choices ever again for as long as you live.
Ultimately you’ll live happily ever after, and come to a space of authentic happiness, health, wholeness, and living your life on purpose.
I can tell you for an absolute fact that everything is all unfolding for your highest good. Even the really messy parts of your life. In my opinion, the messier your life is, the better and the bigger your life's purpose is.
So will you join me today along with the thousands of other women today that are changing their life?
Let’s get you disconnected from the outside world, and reconnected to your own world.
Let’s get you waking up happy, healthy, confident, strong from within and full of life.
You’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain.
I will see you on the other side.
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