Cheap now. Expensive later! Don’t forget that.

entrepeneurship mindset self love Aug 06, 2020

Cheap now. Expensive later! Don’t forget that.

What’s the saying??.... You’ll be broke AF trying to save money. There is truth to that statement.

Why are you discounting yourself? Do you think you’re not worth it?

Do you not think the value you add to the world, or the service you provide is worth much?

Stop discounting yourself on all levels and start looking at your life and your future as an investment.

Years ago, I would give a lot of my transformation products away for free to help people, and do you know what happened?

People didn’t show up to do the work. People didn’t change their life because they had nothing to lose.

People only really change when they had real skin in the game! What do you think happens to free junk mail flyers that come in the mail?

I don’t want you to treat your life and future like junk mail, and I surely don’t want you ever to discount yourself.
Chances are if you’re not waking up happy, healthy, and abundantly blessed, or doing the work, you have been discounting yourself and have an underlying belief that you’re not worth it.

When people have spent their last dime on something that they know will change their life, they actually show up.
They do the work for they’ve invested way too much to not show up.
And guess what? It works!

They value their health.
They value their time.
They value their health.
They value their future.
They value their investment.

They value their life way too much to not show up and make a change.

So yes, I stopped giving free handouts and doubled the price. I stopped hanging around people who didn’t think they were worth it and started to look for serious people who were playing full out and all in with their life. People who valued their time, knowing their life, happiness, and future was worth more than any money in the bank.

So, I ask you, are you discounting yourself? Are you always looking for cheaper, less, best deal, coupon code? Free handout, or “I’ll figure this out alone” and waste more time?

Don’t EVER expect to live a healthy abundant life or heck change your life, when you’re placing zero value on yourself, and always discounting yourself.

Think hard on this one, and if you’re sick and tired of your own bullshit, help is down below and yes, my one bundle is on sale just because I love And TOTALLY get.

I was you once too, and that’s no way to “live”😘

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