Real Live Intervention

mindset motivation selflove Nov 21, 2019

Hi, I’m Lindsay Rose Martin. Age 38.

I was 6 months pregnant when my first husband came home and told me of his hidden drug addiction. $50k in hidden debt, credit card bills being delivered to another address, and a baby on the way. You could have blown me over with a feather.

The night I brought my son home from the hospital. He was at the bar drinking, and shut his phone off when I tried to call him.

My first mothers day. Drunk. Again, out playing baseball with his friends.

2 months after that, another 15K in debt added up after I just refinanced our home to cover it all up.

I never told a soul until I was DONE. Walking away with 2 garbages bags packed up, with the essentials.

Yet.. This man, was still one of my very best friends. A man I respected. A man I loved and whom was an amazing guy and loved his little boy more than anything. But we weren’t meant to be. I knew that too. Heard the whispers before we got married. He knew it, as he predicted a divorce in our wedding time capsule.

2 years after he got clean, God had a different plan for his life, and he died of Cancer. We had 2 weeks... OH, and I got served court papers in the process too while paying for 2 homes and no child support.

Fun times I tell you.

Was he clean? Did he fully stop using drugs? I don’t know, but I remember buying urine tests online and testing his urine to make sure he was clean. They came back negative every time, and when I settled the estate, there was no more mounds of credit card debt. I trusted that.

My life. A real life intervention.

Counselling, rehab, fighting, losing myself in the process. You might assume I get up to work on myself for a great body.


I was NEVER after a better body. I was after LIFE again. 💗💪Overcoming obesity was the easy part of my journey.

One could say I carried around HATE, anger, resentment, bitterness, and trust issues for many years.

Until that BAGGAGE I was carrying around was no longer serving me. In fact it was poisoning me.

Why am I sharing this so openly? Cause I no longer am ashamed of my past. I’m NO longer here to hide. It made the who I am, and I’m thankful for it all.

I also know bad stuff happens to GOOD people. GOOD people make BAD choices, and at the heart of it all.

We have a choice. To let that eat away at us, and poison 🐍 us, or to move forward with grace, love, forgiveness, and hope for a better tomorrow.

I told my team this week, to double down on the amount we GIVE. ❤️❤️While people are out there looking to make a quick buck, I’m out to make sure other women suffering in silence know they aren’t alone.

You deserve to be free, happy, healthy and full of LOVE again. It’s never too late for that happy ending!

You deserve it, and you can have it, but only ONE person is solely responsible for giving that to you, and you’ll find her looking in the mirror.


Will the inner work be easy? No, but will it be worth your total freedom?  100%!


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