SELF LOVE - Education 101

confidence mindset self love Apr 16, 2019

All of these years of education in our younger years and NO ONE taught us how to love 💗 ourselves.

I hated people telling me I had to do things their way. Every day VICTIM traps.

👉In health class I learned that if I could PINCH MORE than an inch I should probably lose weight.

👉In gym glass I learned that if I didn’t run the 400m track in under 2:30 I wasn’t fast enough.

👉I learned that if I didn’t get an A in Math, I probably should study more.

👉In the corporate world I learned that if I didn’t have those “letters” behind my name, I wasn’t going very far.

👉I learned that the car, the title was a “status symbol”, and those people in the corporate world got the BEST parking spots and all the perks, but yet some really didn’t care to invest in others growth and wellbeing. More so trapping you by “POLICIES and PROCEDURES”, glass ceilings, grids, and their own personal agendas.

👉I learned that I should probably dress a certain way, and act a certain way. Speak a certain way when answering the phone.

I felt out of place. I was being moulded into a mould I didn’t fit. I felt like I NEVER measured up!!!

Over the years I learned to base my WORTH and SUCCESS on numbers.

VICTIM TRAPS. People telling me that I had to do things a certain way.

🤮 Inches and numbers. Income and titles, stats, and grades.

Did I really USE all the stuff I learned in public school or high school? NOPE. I didn’t.

What transformed my life the most? What did I USE the MOST??? 💗 What do I use THE MOST today to propel myself further??? Love!

Take NOTES 📝

👉👉Someone telling me that I was good enough. Smart enough. Worthy enough. 💗Someone telling me to believe in myself. Telling myself that I was strong enough and that I would get through anything that came my way. 💗Someone telling me that it was OKAY to be different. That I didn’t have to listen to the opinions of others, or be trapped by others STANDARDS and opinions. 💗Someone being there to dry my tears and give me a pep talk. Someone teaching me about forgiveness, grace, and compassion. Someone whispering to me the ANSWERS I needed. Someone giving me the CONFIDENCE to do hard things.

Do you want to know who that person is?



Let this be a reminder that you could have the best rock solid body. You could be the fastest runner, or have the best title, make the most money. You could get the best grades, and you could have it all on the OUTSIDE.

But the REAL TRUTH is if you don’t learn about LOVE, and SELF LOVE. You’re kind of screwed.

Wherever you’re at. Look within first and start there. It changes everything

Xo Lindsay Martin… M.O.M 💗💗💗

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